Women with disabilities in general face discrimination in employment.

​Research points out that when women with disabilities do not find jobs, they receive considerably lower wages and unhealthy working situations.

Time of India article on Nov 27, 2014 states that 12.2% (43.04 lakh) out of its 3.52 crore population, as per 2011 census in the new Telangana state, are people with disabilities.

According to disability world publications, in India about 700,000 persons with disabilities are registered with the employment exchange and only 100,000 persons with disabilities have been successful in getting the employment.

Women with disabilities are among the poorest of the poor. The global facts related to poverty by the World Bank indicates that half of the world's population lives on less than 80 Rupees a day. 1.8 billion of these people live on less than 40 Rupees a day from which 70 percent of them are women. ​

Vocational Training Programs

ISNI trust training programs comprises of:  
Fashion Jewellery Making, Mehndi, Computer Education, Herbal Health Care, Handicrafts, Candle Making, Embroidery and Tailoring.

ISNI Trust is a registered under Indian private trust act as a charity organization and has attained income tax exemption under 12a & 80G.

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Our vision 
To enable and empower women with physical disabilities to live a life of self dependence. This is only possible through imparting vocational training programs and social enterprise activities.
Our Impact
Since 2007, ISNI trust has successfully implemented its Vocational Training Programs to provide skills development and employment for over 1500 women with disabilities in collaboration with various partner agencies.

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