Women with disabilities often have lower economic and social status, they may face gender-based violence and harmful or gender-discriminatory practices. 
​ISNI Trust's role for long has been to make efforts towards social inclusion of women’s employment rights and by showcasing their talents and abilities.
We work towards making women with disabilities become productive members of the society and to obtain decent and productive work, based on the principles of freedom, equity, security and human dignity.

​Our fashion and trade shows are based on principle that women with disabilities have abilities and potentials and they need inclusive and fair opportunities.
ISNI Trust’s skills development is focussed through its vocational training short and long term programs that play a key role in helping women with disabilities and girls find employment.

Our specialized vocational training typically includes development of technical capacity, entrepreneurship, and business skills.
In collaboration with Rural Technology Park, Government of Telangana we have helped many girls and women to build a wide set of soft skills, such as skills training, team building, and communication, which they can use in a variety of jobs. We also tailor vocation training programs to suite employer’s needs and as per the market requirements and opportunities that can create quick employment opportunities.

Ask us for short and long-term programs in Mehndi, Embroidery, Fashion Jewellery making, computer technology, hand-made paper works, tailoring and many others..
ISNI aim is to have a social mission and creating an social impact of providing employment and improving livelihoods. 

​Understanding the abilities, we target to help women with disabilities build their skills and confidence that can enable them to progress in our charity and grow. Our decisions are focussed on employment objective.

Our production unit of fashion jewellery making is located at Rural Technology Park which produces large quantity of in-trend fashion wear.

​Yes, we can say we are Fair trade movement laying the groundwork for sustainable change by providing space and training for women to take charge of their own lives and build something for themselves. Each piece of our jewelry is made uniquely by our artisan women and is indeed crafted with love and hope using best quality of local materials.

Social Inclusion

Our focus is to promote public awareness regarding social enterprise.  We have been organizing seminars, exhibitions, conferences and fashion shows. We have also partaking at local events and organizing fashion shows to exhibit the work with one global message that despite disabilities they are able.

We believe awareness is important tool as it can open doors for employment and empowerment. We also know that awareness of a range of employment strategies and options on the part of organizations and women opens up possibilities that may otherwise be overlooked.
Our hope through our Impact is to encourage women with disabilities to come forward and join the workforce. There are opportunities which we want them to avail in the employment arena, and there are strategies, resources, and inspiration for them to realize their dream.

We plea to the community to help us achieve our vision in providing equal opportunities for women with disabilities.

Social Enterprise

Vocational Training Programs

International Special Needs Institution Trust


Self- Employment

Self-employment is another option for women with disabilities who are seeking to have flexibility in achieving their professional and financial goals. 

ISNI trust assist them by providing training on Start-Up options based on their choices of work hours, nature of task and income.

Our program provides information and guidance about promotion of self-employment training as well as financial management. This is an excellent option for women who face significant barriers to employment and those who are seeking safe, income generating opportunities free from any potential abuse or exploitation.

​Women produce handmade products are offered to them enabling them to build capacities, knowledge in accessing lucrative market and sales thus contributing to their personal and economic empowerment.