Mr. K. Venkat Rao

In 2007 the cofounders had a vision to establish a entity that can provide a strong support to the individuals with disabilities who are the most marginalized members of the society.

The organization became a registered entity in 2007 to establish services for the chidren and individual with disabilities.

​In 2007 women's focus group echoed strongly for a institution which can provide them with a inclusive place which is safe and focussed on developing their skills. The organization started operating from the office of Disability Hub.

​In 2008 ISNI Turst established a vocational unit at National Institute for Rural Development (NIRD) under Rural technology Park.

​In 2008 a fashion show was organized in support from Khadi Bhavan which was attended by celebrities such as Mohammad Azaruddin and Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

​A kiosk was rented at Shilpa Ramam to show case the crafts made by Women with disabilities. The products were also sold at Lepakshi emporiums.

In 2009 Aala Group, supported the organization as part of its social responsibility by giving a production space at Phool baug, Hyderabad.

In 2010, ISNI trust partnered with Rehman Training Centre and other entities to support its mandate.

Mr. Vittal Rao
Mr. Ramesh Babu
ISNI facilitates economic development of  woman with disabilities through skills training and social enterprise.

A dream that became possible: Milestones

Our Board & Staff:
The organization was set up with an aim to bring significant change in economic and living conditions of primarily differently able or marginalized women belonging to the underprivileged section of society. 

Women with Dis-abilities are the last priority in many countries, are condemned to live their lives as a discriminated lot, whose lives are perceived as having no potential to improve.

​We at ISNI facilitate programs to improve conditions of such disabled and mistreated so that they can become productive members of this global society.
ISNI trust will provide need-based and innovative programs which can foster skills development and economic self-dependence of women and girls with disabilities. 

Our mission is to bring fair, equal and equitable employment and self-employment opportunities for all individuals who are differently able.

International Special Needs Institution Trust
Mrs. Yadama
Mr. Diamond Abdul Salam
Dr. Aquil Samah Masroor
Dr. Aquil Samah Masroor
Managing Trustee & President

Mrs. Sumaiya Jabeen